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For a wow! moment at Biennale Interieur 2016 you should visit ‘The Circus’, a concept by the mad creative agency King George, who are setting up camp next to Hall 2 of Kortrijk Xpo. You’ll arrive in a world revolving around the circus, with (to name just a few) a ‘grand chapiteau’ tent with a chandelier ceiling, circus lighting, a circus bar and a real ringmaster who runs the whole thing smoothly. The eight participating brands below will present their products in a conceptual way in containers. Welcome to our mad show!

Top of the act

A unique experience with and for design and interior brands by the mad creative agency King George.

Thanks to our partners

Organic Concept Quick-Step King George - The Mad Creative Agency


Dekton’s House of Mirrors

The revolutionary Dekton imagines a new concept in the world of design and architecture. Exceptional performance and unique characteristics convert into infinite possibilities for indoor and outdoor applications such as worktops, flooring, cladding and facades.


Wander through Dekton’s House of Mirrors and be dazzled by the crystal-like brightness of Dekton XGloss that triumphs with the Red Dot Award for Product Design 2016.  Its prize-winning design quality complements the Dekton collection of exclusive designs from marble style black to solid white.

De Morgen

This country needs more salmon

For salmon swim against the current. And we could do with some of that healthy going-against-the-grane attitude. Because we tend to go with the flow and forget about the nuance. That’s why De Morgen looks at news from a different perspective. Not to disagree at all cost, but to give disagreement a chance.  So long live the salmon. Not for its Omega-3, but for its open-mindedness. 

Discover the De Morgen. More insight. More Salmon.


Bathroom art

Design meets art: this is Duravit’s central theme in The Circus. The German designer bathroom brand presents two exclusive artworks that link to its core business, water. The works are part of a private collection and not usually this accessible to the public. Both masterpieces are shown in an adapted environment, a white box and a black box.

Marriage from the Scandinavian duo Elmgreen & Dragset talks about the connection between couples through a pair of identical mirrors and porcelain sinks. The drains loop extravagantly but always meet each other. Bill Viola’s Water Martyr (2014) forms part of a permanent video installation Martyrs (Earth, Air, Fire, Water).  Through today’s social media we are all spectators in each other’s suffering. The artwork shows this persistence and sacrifice.


Experience the voyage of floor design

Have you ever wondered how a floor collection is created? And did you know that a team of trend watchers travels the globe in search of inspiration with the aim of designing the floor of tomorrow? In The Circus, Quick-Step presents a unique look behind the scenes and shows which creative and innovative process lies behind the creation of a floor. Come and get to know the brand and its design team.


Alessi Circus

With “Alessi Circus”, Marcel Wanders has designed a whole family of tableware and household accessories for Alessi that excite, surprise and astonish, evoking the spectacle usually found under the big top.

The “Alessi Circus” collection consists of 29 products for the Alessi catalogue as Placemate, Bowls, Round Trays, Ice Bucket, Bottle stands, Wine cooler, Salad bowls, Mugs, Containers and 5 limited-edition Officina Alessi pieces, 999 numbered with nine artist’s proofs, each one representing a circus character.

The core of the family is made of stainless steel, embellished with original decorations. Soldered strips, bone china and glass are also used.

The fantasy world of Marcel Wanders is combined with Alessi’s high manufacturing quality and expertise. Each piece is characterised by rhomboidal, circular, striped and pointed geometric patterns, in a perfect balance of colours like white, black, yellow, red, gold and silver.

Van Hoecke

Making drawers sexy again

Can an industrially produced wooden drawer be as good as a handmade one? With its delicate finish, smooth sideboards and innovative technique, TA’OR BOX proves that it can even be better. The Belgian business Van Hoecke, distributor of furniture components, puts its self-developed drawer in the spotlight. By integrating TA’OR BOX into a stylish vide-poche and an ingenious coffee cabinet, the brand shows the diversity of this product while proving a drawer can definitely be something sexy.


Timeless design for every space

Making choices when we look to build or renovate is not any easy task. Niko, the Belgian brand specialised in switching material, access and lighting control and home automation, can reassure you. Choosing Niko means choosing for innovative and timeless solutions. Niko shows you how to finish off your interior in timeless design fit for every style with their switching material. Niko’s mission statement, timeless design for every space, is brought to life in the container. You’ll also receive usefull tips on how to make your home even more comfortable.

King George

Welcome to the mad creative agency

Being the masterminds behind The Circus, the design theatre for good taste, we welcome you to our mad kingdom. As a creative agency, we specialise in storytelling and brand strategy for interior and food brands. You can find us in the House of King George in Sint-Niklaas in a renovated carpet factory, where we turned 1000 m2 into an experience space that house the agency, the King George Café, top notch King George Meeting Rooms, our Concept Store with a curated selection of design objects and furniture and the King George Event Hall. Come one, come all!

That’s all of the acts! Here come the facts

Tickets and info

Kortrijk Xpo
Doorniksesteenweg 216
8500 Kortrijk, België

+32 (0)3 746 10 10

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You can find The Circus at Kortrijk Xpo, at the end of Hall 2.